XUP Launches Advisory Service Focused on Payments

A detailed seven-point framework enabling companies to optimize their B2B and B2C payment capabilities.

Charlotte, NC (August 3, 2021)  XUP Payments (XUP), a fintech company is proud to announce a new advisory service focused on payments in the Business-to-Business and Consumer-to-Business space.  XUP has orchestrated a 7-point proprietary methodology and framework to help clients optimize their payment capabilities, technology stack, modalities, cost structure and operations.

XUP has seen a seismic shift in payments and the pace of capabilities has significantly advanced quicker than organizational capabilities.  As a result, we are seeing that the true cost of payments can exceed 10-15% of the cost of goods sold, when you include inefficiencies and their impact on customer service and payments reconciliation.

 In addition to XUP’s platform, which accelerates and digitizes the payment experience, XUP’s new advisory service will work directly with those who take payments in store, digitally (eCommerce, ACH) and through invoicing.  XUP continues to remain processor, bank and mode neutral with solutions tailored specifically to meet the company’s goals.

“The payments industry is rapidly changing with the introduction of new methods and technology” said Craig Sobol, Chief Revenue Officer at XUP.  “Our platform and 7-point framework will offer clients the opportunity to respond to customer preferences, remain competitive, and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.”

Finding the right payment strategy, moving paper checks to ACH, reviewing optimal bank / processor / gateway capabilities, and data sharing mechanisms are all reviewed in our 7-point framework.  Please visit www.xuppay.com to learn more.

About XUP – XUP, short for transactions “up”, is a Banking as a Service platform that allows financial institutions to take back the merchant experience. Our platform offers a seamless connection between merchants, financial service providers, and acquirers across all channels. XUP combines years of industry expertise with deep payments and technical knowledge to offer products and a 7-point framework that delivers our clients’ desired merchant experience. XUP is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. For additional information, please visit: www.xuppay.com or email us at hello@xuppay.com.