XUP Launches New Referral Partner Capability

XUP Launches New Referral Partner Capability Enabling Banks to Create Custom Merchant Services Experiences

XUP announced the expansion of their platform following the launch of a new referral partner focused capability.  This new capability offers banks the ability to enhance their referral partnership strategy by enabling partner specific experiences for merchants through automated co-branding alongside easily configurable products and pricing when selling and servicing merchant acquiring.

Historically, merchant services referral has been an afterthought and a highly manual experience.  This has resulted in unrealized revenue potential for banks over the last several years.  With this new capability, banks can re-energize those referral partnerships to fully engage this revenue stream and drive retention for both partners and the bank – creating a win-win scenario for all involved.

“Businesses do business with businesses they trust.  That is why banks with a referral program can drive new banking relationships.”, said Craig Sobol, XUP Chief Revenue Officer. “XUP enables banks to easily build and manage a customized merchant services referral partner experience within minutes.  We are super excited to bring this new capability to the market!”

The new referral capabilities contain must-have features like co-branding, easily customizable products and pricing, onboarding, referral tracking / reporting and transaction self-servicing.  Without any code, XUP enables banks to generate co-branded landing pages to support marketing efforts by simply uploading their logo and configuring their products and pricing.  This is a gamechanger for banks who choose to leverage this channel for new partnership arrangements and want to reduce friction in the referral process.

For additional information or see a demo, please contact us at hello@xuppay.com.