Create New Revenue Streams

From formalizing business relationships to embedding financial products, XUP’s solutions enhance the entire customer experience.


Our onboarding solution helps you formalize relationships with new business customers in a fast, easy, and completely digital way. It digitizes verification checks to comply with AML and KYC requirements as well as any industry-specific validations (for example, NPI checks for healthcare providers). Start your customer relationship off on the right foot.

Payment Monetization

Move away from simply accepting payments to saving – or even making – money on payments. With many processing options, we’ll work with you to identify the correct payment model for your business given size, industry, and more. Improve margins while improving the customer experience.


Embed financial products into your software for businesses and their end customers. Reduce churn, increase lifetime value, and expand product offerings by making timely offers on loans, insurance, and more.

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