Merchant Processing Capabilities are Essential to Offering a Holistic Banking Experience

In today’s digital era, consumers expect products and services to be delivered with speed and efficiency; banking customers are no exception. While financial institutions have embraced initiatives like mobile banking and automated bill payments to expedite transactions, many are still missing out on the very first, and arguably most valuable, customer interaction…digital onboarding.

The cumbersome, and often lengthy bank onboarding process is a major paint point, particularly for business banking customers. Banks are increasingly losing customers to challengers with quick and simple enrollment processes, and for more complex banking products, such as merchant processing, migration away from banks is accelerating. On average, less than 8% of a business banking customer procure merchant services through their bank.

Merchant processing capabilities are essential to offering a holistic banking experience and driving deeper customer relationships. Merchants are already using banks for other financial needs, so why not merchant services?

Now’s the time to take back the merchant experience. Introducing XUP. The XUP suite of products will help delight customers and drive banking revenue. Both our customized and plug-and-play solutions deliver seamless experiences, helping merchants get up, running, and transacting quickly.

XUP Sales allows you to have meaningful conversations with prospective merchant customers by analyzing existing processor cost and engagement.

XUP Onboard reduces time to account opening through a streamlined omnichannel application and improves a bank’s operational efficiency, with fewer manual handoffs and application rekeying.

XUP Service helps merchants gain a holistic view of their accounts and allow banks to maintain ownership of the customer experience.

XUP Transact is the intelligent way to deliver the right payment processor, partner, referral, or payment facilitator options to your clients.

We are excited about the XUP product suite and will have more to come as we dive deep into each of these. With access to best in class processing solutions and a team with 20+ years of banking experience, let XUP help you, drive transactions up.