Midtown Consulting Group Launches XUP, a New Software Division Focused on Driving Payment Transactions Up

Midtown Consulting Group (MCG), a leading consultancy focused on Financial Services, Healthcare, and Logistics industries is excited to announce the launch of a new division, XUP, short for “Transactions Up.”  XUP offers seamless connections between banks, middleware, processors and merchants. Built by a team with deep industry, technology and payments experience, XUP’s platform features innovative payment solutions tailored for Financial Services, Healthcare, and Logistics companies.

Capitalizing on several years of internal investment in proprietary software product development, XUP will significantly add to the firm’s solution offerings for “complex” industries that until now, have not had the right tools to monetize and streamline their payment processes or truly own their end-to-end experience.

XUP’s product suite has 3 modules: XUP Onboard, XUP Service and XUP Transact. The customer experience was designed with one guiding principle in mind: provide integrated payment experiences that better support each industry’s distinct needs. The XUP solutions align with this vision by reducing friction along every step of the payments value chain – specifically addressing merchant certification (i.e. KYC, OFAC, AML), enrollment for the acceptance of electronic payments with a processor,bank or payment facilitator (including ACH, Real Time Payments), and culminating with payment processing servicing. XUP products deeply embed these three steps within customer business models, addressing the unique requirements of each industry vertical.

“Different industries have unique use cases. Banking is the epicenter, logistics often leans towards cash transactions while Healthcare is subject to HIPAA compliance and deals with heavy paper output. With over thousands of hours already invested in the software, XUP’s payment platform offers built-in industry uniqueness, accelerating speed to market and providing a solution that is much more cost effective for our clients.” Chris May, XUP President.

“This is a game changer for the industries we serve. All too often we see a force fit of generic onboarding, digital banking and payment solutions into complex industries, leaving a bad taste in our clients’ mouths. Our software changes that – improving the customer experience, maximizing profitability and optimizing cash flow by driving transactions up.” Craig Sobol, XUP Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer.

XUP is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, with a global footprint to serve our full client base.

About XUP, Inc.

A division of Midtown Consulting Group, XUP started out building experiences and technical infrastructure that better connected consumers, financial institutions, and software providers. Today, we’ve used these key insights to build our unique payment capabilities from the ground up. XUP has capitalized on MCG’s leading position in the market to bring focused onboarding and payment solutions to Financial Services, Healthcare, and Logistics. We drive transactions by removing friction in the entire payments value stream.

About Midtown Consulting Group, Inc. (MCG)

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