Tech Tuesday: Azure Cloud Platform

Merchant credit card processor onboarding and transaction management are integral pieces of XUP’s Software-as-a-Service products. Naturally at XUP we manage many pieces of sensitive data.  Security is a top priority for all our developers and the management team.  As such we use the best in class Azure cloud platform to help everyone sleep at night. 

The Azure cloud platform is certified PCI-DSS compliant and provides all the necessary tooling and platforms necessary to support our growing fintech.  Azure supports two excellent secure database platforms: SQL Server and CosmosDB.  As one would expect, both databases allow your administrative team to granularly define read/write permissions to specific users or roles.  Furthermore, SQL Server provides either column-based encryption or complete, seamless encryption of your data.  CosmosDB, Microsoft’s NoSQL solution, by default, encrypts your data at rest using AES-256 encryption.  Both of these databases make it possible to easily and confidently secure your sensitive data.